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Children's TV Content Forum

Event Date: 23rd May, 2019

Time: 8.15am - 1.20pm

Venue: London

Cost: £250.00


The future of children's media content in the UK faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities, with rapid and wide-ranging technological advances, changes in audience behaviour, and an explosion of media and channel choices.


Westminster Insight’s timely forum will bring together key figures to discuss the future landscape of the UK children's media industry, giving you the opportunity to hear directly from Margot James MP, Minister for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport.


Gain insight into the Young Audiences Content Fund, due to be launched by the BFI this April. Jackie Edwards will clarify the criteria regarding funding and eligibility.


Our forum will also address online safety issues and above all, the opportunities and challenges for the UK broadcasting and production industry to compete and work in tandem with on-demand and streaming platforms.


Finally, we will be discussing the creation of content that celebrates diversity and how to encourage programmes that are more personalised to different ethnicities, religions and languages, whilst also considering factual content that will engage and motivate children of all ages. 


Key Points:


  • Hear keynote speeches from Minister Margot James MP, Jackie Edwards, and Ofcom regarding government key priorities, the Young Audiences Content Fund, and latest findings
  • Understand the design of the Young Audiences Content Fund in more detail and how to utilise the scheme
  • Set benchmarks to ensure that content is age appropriate for broadcast 
  • Capitalise on opportunities and incentives to produce children’s content material both online and offline by building relationships between traditional broadcasters, technology and on-demand services
  • Create an environment that allows UK based content to flourish and encourage educational content



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Event Added: 26/03/2019